About Me

floral chiffon ruffle dressABOUT ME: My name is Jackie Riggs. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. I created Just J Stylin’ Life to share budget style choices and inexpensive lifestyle and travel options with everyone. The more I’ve grown my social media presence, I have realized that what I want to do is to encourage others while sharing cute, budget friendly pieces and exciting destinations. Whether it is to encourage them to keep pushing through a tough day, to work harder towards a goal, to take a nice vacation, or simply to purchase an item that makes them feel happy. My goal is to be real, honest, and relateable and to showcase affordable pieces to fit all budgets, and fun places to go when you need some inspiration.

BACKGROUND: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Design and Associate’s Degree in Marketing from Georgia Southern. I can design and make a dress from sketch to final product, and market items to a particular audience. I did freelance modeling for about 5 years before I started my blog, so I have had many years behind the camera.

MY MISSION: To encourage people to live a life they love, and love the life they live


• My favorite flavor is raspberry ♥
• I LOVE french macarons – especially raspberry, pistachio, and almond
• I hardly EVER buy anything if it’s not on sale, or I don’t have a discount coupon
• I don’t like being like everyone else. If everybody has the exact same bralette or sandals, I don’t want them simply because everyone else already has them
• I don’t like coffee – it’s too bitter and strong!