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Rash Guards: The Essential Companion for Every Water Enthusiast

Rash Guards: The Essential Companion for Every Water Enthusiast

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Diving into the realm of water sports brings a wave of excitement and adventure. However, amid the rush of adrenaline it provides, it’s crucial to anchor ourselves in safety. One piece of gear encapsulates this blend perfectlyโ€”the rash guard. This essential attire goes beyond a mere fashion statement; it’s a shield for those who dare to embrace the ocean’s embrace. This comprehensive guide illuminates the indispensable benefits of rash guards, emphasizing their role in UV protection, skin safety, and comfort, proving why they’re a non-negotiable item for anyone engaging in water activities. READ MORE

Spring Rocksbox Jewelry Pieces & How To Style Them (+ FREE JEWELRY!)

Spring Rocksbox Jewelry Pieces & How To Style Them (+ FREE JEWELRY!)

Picture this: You have a killer outfit styled and you’re ready to show it off to the world. But you don’t have the right jewelry to accessorize it. There’s something about a good piece of jewelry that completes a look. Don’t let a lack of jewelry ruin the perfect outfit moment! You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive jewelry to look like a million bucks. What if I told you that you could get quality jewelry styles for just $21?! Yes, you read that right! If you’re not ready to purchase new jewelry and simply want to try out a few pieces, a Rocksbox jewelry subscription is the perfect option! For just $21 a month Rocksbox allows you to select 3 styles to try at a time without having to purchase the jewelry. READ MORE

2022 Christmas Gift Ideas – Gift Guides for Mom, Men, Stocking Stuffers & More

2022 Christmas Gift Ideas – Gift Guides for Mom, Men, Stocking Stuffers & More

It’s that time again…!

It’s Christmas gifting time! If you’re looking for 2022 Christmas gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Get inspiration from various gift guides for men, mom, friends, siblings, stockings and more. No matter who you’re shopping for, I hope that these guides inspire you and give you ideas for what to get your friends and family. I dedicated a lot of time to creating these guides, making sure to share only the best ideas for each person on your list. I am confident that any item you choose is sure to delight the person receiving it! READ MORE

How To Create A Stand-Out Wedding Inspiration Binder

How To Create A Stand-Out Wedding Inspiration Binder

You’re engaged. CONGRATULATIONS! ๐Ÿ’ Now it’s time to plan a wedding. But where do you even begin? Wedding planning can be a daunting task, but it can also be a lot of fun! Creating wedding inspiration pages has been the most fun part of my wedding planning journey so far, and I want to share the fun with you. I’m going to show you how to make a stand-out wedding inspiration binder that that will help bring your wedding vision to life. This should take you a few hours per page to complete. Each page from beginning to finish took me about 3 hours to complete. READ MORE

Christmas Gift Guides 2021 – Find Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Christmas Gift Guides 2021 – Find Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Christmas is quickly approaching and shopping for gifts has begun. But there’s always someone on your list that’s hard to shop for. Don’t get caught up in stressing over what to get them, or spending hours searching for ideas. I’ve already done that part for you! I created these guides to help inspire gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list. Whether you’re looking for gifts for your mom or looking for your tech or beauty obsessed friend, these 2021 Christmas gift guides have got you covered. They are organized by person and by category to make it easier to find the guide you’re looking for. READ MORE

Everything You Need To Know Before And After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Everything You Need To Know Before And After Wisdom Teeth Surgery


A word you never want to hear related to you. You just went to your dentist and were told you that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed. They gave you a referral to an oral surgeon for the procedure. You’re scared, unsure and anxious. Surgery?! What does that mean for you? Is it painful? How long does it take to recover? In this post I will discuss my personal experience with getting my wisdom teeth removed. I had so many questions and so much anxiety – I researched for weeks before my procedure. I wanted to know everything I could to be prepared. My hope is that my experience can help you and reassure you going into your surgery. Here is everything you need to know before and after wisdom teeth surgery. READ MORE

What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

It’s the last few days before your procedure and you’re wondering what you can eat afterwards. If you’re thinking “I need to know what to eat after wisdom teeth surgery” this list was made just for you. The first few days you will only be able to have soft foods that you can swallow without chewing. Think soup, yogurt, milkshakes, etc. I’ve found a few excellent options that helped me get through the days after my surgery. So I’m sharing them here with you with the hope that they can help you too. You’ll want to get your groceries a few days before your procedure to make sure you’re prepared. Once you are home after your surgery, you should not be driving to get food for 3-4 days. READ MORE

A Quick Guide to Playa Largo Resort in Key Largo Florida

A Quick Guide to Playa Largo Resort in Key Largo Florida

Playa Largo Resort Lobby Entrance

Florida vacation anyone?

You hear people talk about Florida all the time and how they’re ready to go back as soon as they get back from vacation. (guilty!) Everyone talks about how Florida has the best beaches in the US with soft white sand and clear blue water. Or how they had the best time at a theme park in Orlando, taking a boat ride on the water or partying in Miami. But have you ever been to Key Largo before? You know the Beach Boys song ๐ŸŽถ “Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go…” ๐ŸŽถ Yeah, that one. It is on my bucket list to go to every place mentioned in the Kokomo song and Key Largo, Florida happens to be the first. Particularly the Playa Largo Resort. Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas, Montego and Kokomo I’m comin’ for you! Whew what a list!


If you are unfamiliar with Florida, Key Largo is located approximately halfway between Miami and Key West along the Florida Keys strip. Think of the southern right tip of Florida and then go even further south on a tiny strip of islands. That’s where you’ll find Key Largo. On such a narrow strip of land, there is only one main highway to get you around the Keys. Say goodbye to any wishes of shortcuts or alternative routes!

Here is an interactive map with Key Largo outlined in red to give you a visual idea of where it is.

Key Largo is more laid back and slower-paced than most popular Florida cities. The 30A stretch along northern Florida is known for the beautiful white sand beaches and family-friendly beach destination vacations. This includes everything from Pensacola, Destin, Rosemary Beach to Panama City Beach. Orlando is mainly known for Universal and Disney theme parks and one of my favorites, the Gaylord Palms Resort. (I have a guide for that resort too! Check it out here). And of course Miami is known for it’s party scene and the iconic Ocean Drive and South Beach with colorful lifeguard posts. Then you have Key Largo which is known more for being luxurious and relaxing with a bit of adventure.

I went to Key Largo for the first time recently and had a wonderful time. How can you not love Florida beach towns, right?! It was a quick trip for a wedding which was being held at the most popular resort in Key Largo, Florida – the Playa Largo Resort & Spa Autograph Collection. Think soft white sand and turquoise blue waters, drinks along the water, and blissfully swinging in a hammock among the palm trees. We did not stay in a room at the hotel due to the room prices, but we did get to experience the rest of the resort. And now I want to share it all with you.

Let me show you around the dreamy tropical Playa Largo Resort starting with the

Lobby & Outdoor Terrace

As soon as you enter the lobby you are greeted by a central fountain, swinging chairs and an upscale jazzy bar. You immediately feel like you’re in a luxury resort awaiting your relaxing beach vacation because well, you are! The aesthetic is light and natural with a casual/cozy feel. You’ll feel welcomed by the calming neutral cream tones and brown and white accents. In addition, the white woven egg chairs add a fun and beachy vibe and a neat place to chill and relax indoors.

Through the other door of the lobby you enter a beautiful outdoor terrace with seating overlooking the resort pool. Here you will find various seating arrangements and tables for eating or relaxing. This area is very spacious and is perfect for savoring a meal with a view or enjoying the outdoors with a little shade. The views of the pool and the ocean from here are unbeatable. Enjoy the views while being a few steps away from the air conditioned lobby.

Head back inside, down the winding stairs and outside to the entrance to the…

Resort Pool

The resort pool was one of my favorite places at Playa Largo. The pool is spacious enough for plenty of people to enjoy but still have their space. Along the edges are ledges where you can sit without getting all the way into the water. The palm trees around the outside add slight cover from the sun along the edge of the pool. Also Cabanas are available at an extra cost which include additional lounge chairs outside the tent. However pool chairs are limited so get to the pool early to save a seat. Seats nearer to the pool are a safer bet. Some people are very particular about their chairs and may ask you to move if you are sitting in seats that they reserved (yes, this happened to us).

To the left of the pool is the Sandbar where you can order cocktails and poolside snacks. In particular, the strawberry daiquiri was to die for! (More on this below). They serve a variety of foods and drinks for munching poolside. On another note, since you are in south Florida you will see a variety of lizards and iguanas around the resort. This includes small lizards running across the ground to large iguanas climbing up the palm trees. Therefore be aware if you are afraid of lizards! One of our friends tried chasing and catching a lizard which he then got called out for. In other words, do not try to catch lizards.

After walking through the pool area, you will come out onto the resort…


Outside the pool area is a span of sandy areas along the water, held back by concrete walls. This is referred to as the beach. While the sand does not flow directly into the water as it would at a normal beach, it is still nice to be able to put your feet in the sand and enjoy the ocean views. Stairs along the edge allow easy access into the water. In addition, The water along the beach is shallow making it perfect for a little walk without getting too wet. You can also swim and snorkel if you go out a bit further into the water. Moreover, watersports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling are offered at an additional cost at the resort. You’ll find beach chairs lined in the sand along the water for that sand-in-your-toes experience you look forward to at the beach.

My favorite part of the beach would have to be the hammocks. Between the pool and the ocean are these chic roundย  hammock sets underneath the palm trees. Getting into one and getting adjusted was a bit difficult. But once comfortably inside, the relaxation factor was phenomenal. Just close your eyes and relax while listening to the calming ocean breeze and the local birds chirping. Tall palm trees offer just enough shade for comfort. You will also find a few shorter trees along the beach that provide excellent protection from the sun. Because of this you will find small twigs and pieces of bark mixed in the sand when walking on the beach. Be careful not to step on anything and hurt your feet.

Just to the right of the beach is one of Playa Largo Resort’s…

Restaurants & Bars

Whether you want a beachside snack or a classic indoor meal, Playa Largo has a few options for food and drinks. Since our food was provided at the wedding, we did not get to experience the indoor restaurant La Marea. However we had drinks from Sandbar and enjoyed an open bar outside Sol by the Sea, the beachside restaurant shown below. In addition to beachside dining there are also raised chairs and tables out in the water for an elevated dining experience at Sol by the Sea. You can find menus for all of the restaurant at this link.

If outdoor dining isn’t your desire or the Florida heat is too hot to handle head inside to La Marea. Located on the lower level right outside the lobby, La Marea offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Here you’ll be able to order breakfast or dinner while enjoying an inviting contemporary atmosphere. The menu includes traditional Mediterranean foods with a twist – think pizza, pasta and breads. Prices range from approximately $10-30 per menu item. Breakfast is about $15-20, appetizers are around $10 and dinner entrees range from $22-30.

Looking for a more social environment to get food and drinks? Head to Las Olas ceviche lounge right off to the side of the main lobby. This jazzy bar has more warm orange and brown tones. Here you’ll find couches and lounge chairs arranged to encourage socializing and a comfortable posh lounging experience. The Las Olas menu is Peruvian inspired with specialties of fish, citrus flavors and spices. Cocktails run $14-17 a piece and entrees are $16-25 each. Looking for a nightlife setting? Las Olas is a classic upscale bar and lounge. On the other hand Sol by the Sea is a more relaxed outdoor setting with drinks on the beach.

Last but certainly not least, how could I forget about the…


Ok, let’s talk about the drinks at the resort. Since we came for a wedding most of the alcohol was provided (woohoo)! We tried a couple drinks at our own expense as well as the ones we were given. This beautiful bright pink cocktail was a close second to the strawberry daiquiri I mentioned a bit ago. The bride and groom’s specialty drink – a dragonfruit mojito! Because it was so beautiful, I almost didn’t want to drink it. I’m so glad I did though because it was delicious. Since it was a cocktail from the wedding, I am unsure if it is available at the restaurants/bars, but it never hurts to ask!

As mentioned earlier, the strawberry daiquiri from Sandbar was spectacular! You could not even taste the alcohol which is dangerous! The daiquiri was so darn good, I could’ve had a few – I mean just look how happy I was. But I stuck with just one. It’s the kind of drink that tastes like blended fruit juice – you wouldn’t even know there was alcohol in it. Gosh, I’m still thinking about it now. it was that good. If I ever go back, I certainly know what I’ll be getting. ๐Ÿน Here’s the talked-about drink… I can taste it now! Most cocktails run $14 each no matter where you order them from at the resort.

Lastly, Sol by the Sea offers a casual outdoor setting for sipping drinks on the beach. The string lights hanging above give you a serene feeling illuminating the beach for a laid-back yet exciting night of drinks and socializing. This is where we enjoyed an open bar and a reunion with friends the night before the wedding. And off to the side you’ll find steps into the shallow water to dip your feet in the warm water. The open air and open space right along the water is incomparable.

And that completes the tour of the Playa Largo Resort!

What would be your favorite part of the Playa Largo Resort? Let me know in the comments. If you loved this post, please share on Pinterest, Facebook and other social networks. READ MORE

Rosemary Beach & Panama City Beach Travel Guide

Rosemary Beach & Panama City Beach Travel Guide

Hey there! Whether you’ve been to Rosemary Beach & Panama City Beach a million times, are planning a trip, or simply looking up destinations, welcome! I created this Rosemary Beach & Panama City Beach Travel Guide to help make your trip a litte easier. You’ll find a collection of travel photos along with suggestions on where to stay and where to go. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments. And if you’re looking for other travel guides, check outย these other guides. As always, please feel free to save and share these photos on Pinterest!

Each photo has a brief decription. Hover your mouse over each photo to read the caption.

Where we stayed – Carillon Beach Resort Inn READ MORE

2020 Christmas Gift Guides

2020 Christmas Gift Guides

womens gift guide gift ideas

Here are the 2020 Christmas Gift Guides!

Whew, what a year! 2020 has already been crazy enough, so I’ve created these guides to help alieviate additional stress of finding Christmas gift ideas. I’ve organized them by who you’re shopping for and by price point. You’ll find guides for men and women, for the foodie friend and your furry friend, and gifts under $55, $25, and splurges.

You can click on each photo to shop everything in the guide.ย All items on these guides can be easily purchased through the free LikeToKnow.it app or through my Arbonne small business site! If you’d like some help navigating and shopping these guides, check out the LTK Day 2020 Guide.

Gifts for Her – Mom, Bestie, Sister, Friend

These gifts are perfect for any ladies in your life. If you want something fun for girls night, popular beauty finds, or something cozy this is the guide for you! These slippers, the intial necklace and the checkered tote are on my Christmas list this year! And this Kendra Scott necklace is my favorite everyday necklace and comes in so many colors!

All items under $50 plus one splurge item

Gifts for Her (Arbonne) – Mom, Bestie, Sister, Friend

For my clean, safe, cruelty-free, non-toxic beauty and nutrition lovers. I have so many good things to say about Arbonne the list would be endless! Arbonne offers clean, safe and toxin-free options for skincare, makeup, body care, hair care, nutrition and everyday needs such as deodorant. Instead of purchasing potentially toxic items from bix box stores like Target, ULTA or Sephora, purchase the clean and safe Arbonne equivalent. They cost about the same price as these stores but you know your product will be made with clean, safe and non-toxic ingredients.

Items $56 and under*

Gift for Him – Boyfriend, Husband, Dad, Brother

This guide is for the men in your life – the ones that are hard to shop for! I created this guide with the help of Andrew based on items he currently has and loves, plus a few items I would get for him. His favorites are the Banana Republic Luxury Touch Performance Polos, Nike slides, Xbox controller (of course) and his new Galaxy Smartwatch.

Most items $60 or under

Gift for Him (Arbonne) – Boyfriend, Husband, Dad, Brother

Clean, safe and non-toxic sports nutrition and men’s body care options from Arbonne. Arbonne carries a ton of nutritional supplements such as Pre-workout, BCAA’s and protein powder. There is also men’s 3-in-1 body/hair wash, shave cream and aftershave. All products are guaranteed to be clean and toxin-free.

Items $56 and under*

Gifts for Him or Her – For the cook, host/hostess, food lover

Do you know someone who loves to cook, or is a major foodie? Here I’ve pulled together a variety of fun items sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves to cook, host, or just loves food in general (that’s all of us, right? ๐Ÿ˜œ) These would also make great gifts for a host or hostess.

All items $45 and under

Gifts for Him or Her – Silly, humorous gifts for fun

If you’re looking for something fun and unique, these are the gifts for you. I’m loving these fun holiday coasters and silly apron for the cook, and all the fun mugs and cups for the hot chocolate and coffee this winter!

All items $35 and under

Gifts for Her – Under $55

This gift guide is for items $55 and under. The Dior J’Adore Beautifying Body Milk is the most incredible scent ever, and the neck and back massager is a lifesaver! And I just ordered this gorgeous green velvet dress which will definitely be on repeat this holiday season.

All items $55 or under

Gifts for Her – Under $25

Need some gift ideas that are super affordable? I’ve got you! All of these gifts are $25 or less for those of us who are shoping on a budget this year (definitely me). I have these star earrings and they are one of my FAVS! You can wear them with the stars or just as hoops. And I use my Flair Pens every day in my agenda. So good!

All items $25 or under


Gifts for Him or Her – Small Business gift ideas

This holiday season it’s so important to shop small and support small businesses! In this guide I’ve put together some of my favorite finds from Etsy for both him and her. This men’s golf tee made me laugh for a straight ten minutes when I saw it. And for the ladies, gift her a beautiful set of handmade hair scrunchies from my personal Etsy shop or handmade earrings with gorgeous natural elements from

my sister’s shop READ MORE