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Gardenia Lane Boutique LogoThank you for visiting my shop! Gardenia Lane Boutique was created as an outlet for sharing my love for creating with others. I wanted to create something unique that I felt others would love and enjoy as much as I do. I thought of what I could easily create that my friends, family, and social audience would be excited about and scrunchies came to mind! I’ve seen them on a ton of my friends and all over people’s wishlists so it just made sense.

I hope you enjoy these unique hair scrunchies! All hair scrunchies are handmade by me from start to finish. Fabrics are specially selected to pair well together to create each unique scrunchie set. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will try to add them to the FAQ’s.

New items will be added every month!

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Q: What makes these scrunchies so unique?

A: I specially select the fabrics for each scrunchie so that the colors and styles complement each other in the set. I thoughtfully plan out scrunchie sets instead of putting a bunch of random fabrics and design together.

Q: Why are the scrunchies so expensive?

A: I totally understand where you’re coming from. The scrunchies are priced based on the number of hours spent creating them and the cost of materials while trying to remain reasonable. Each scrunchie can take up to an hour to create, so essentially I am selling 3 hours of labor for $12 (after cost of materials and fees). If you look at it that way, I’m working for $4/hr to create these beautiful scrunchies.