2023 Styles – New Fashion Trends To Try In The New Year

With every new year comes new goals and new opportunities. We see the new year as a time to start fresh, try something new, or do things differently than before. We love the idea of “new”. Most people think of new fitness goals, a word for the year, or major changes they want to make. But have you ever considered trying 2023 fashion trends and styles for the new year? This can be an exciting way to make a small change that can have a lasting effect on not only your style but possibly even your happiness.

Imagine trying a new trend you’ve never tried before and finding out that you absolutely love it! And then you spend the year wondering how you ever lived without it. Sound familiar? So why not start your new year off with some fun fashion trends?! If you’re looking to change things up a bit, try these style ideas in 2023. Want style inspiration by season? Check out Spring Outfit Ideas or The One Fall Skirt You Need This Year & How To Style It.

Here are a few 2023 fashion trends and styles to try in the new year. ๐Ÿ‘‡ (Click links below each style to shop)

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white blazer with jeans and heels 2023 trends and styles
green blazer with denim shorts 2023 trends and styles

This is a trend I recently jumped on board for and I think you should too! Pairing a blazer with a pair of denim jeans or shorts creates the perfect mix of dressy and casual in the same look. The blazer elevates the look and makes it more business appropriate, but the jeans keep it toned down and casual. To make this look dressier, wear a pair of heels, or to make it more casual, wear with a pair of white sneakers.

TREND TIPS: I would recommend wearing a blazer with jeans in the spring time or fall when the temperatures aren’t too hot. When temperatures are warmer, I would opt for the denim shorts. I’ve found that high waisted styles that accentuate the waist tend to look best for this style.



black sheer dot sleeve dress 2023 trends and styles
blue sheer dot sleeve top 2023 trends and styles

Sheer sleeves are such a fun trend to try! These swiss dot sleeves add such a fun and pretty detail to any look. The lightweight sleeves allow for breathability and airflow which makes these pieces easy to wear in warmer weather without getting too hot. There are a variety of sheer sleeve styles – plain sheer, large dots, etc. – but I like the small dot design. You can find sheer sleeves on both tops and dresses based on your preference.

TREND TIPS: Sheer sleeves are great to wear almost year round! With such easy airflow, it’s almost as if they aren’t even there. For spring and summer I love wearing a pretty sheer sleeve dress and for fall I’d pair a sheer sleeve top with a skirt or jeans and booties.



light blue off shoulder dress 2023 trends and styles

sage green off shoulder dress 2023 trends and styles

I’m sure you’ve seen the off shoulder trend before, but have you tried it yet?! Off shoulder dresses are a quick and easy outfit if you’re in a hurry. Some styles can even be worn with the sleeves up on your shoulders, depending on the design. Of course, off shoulder styles should be worn with a strapless bra or with sticky covers. Simply pair the dress with heels and a crossbody bag and you’ve got an instant outfit.

TREND TIPS: I recommend off shoulder dresses in the spring and summer. Off shoulder styles tend to be most popular for spring before it gets too hot outside. But they can also allow for airflow in warmer months instead of wearing something form fitting. Opt for a dress with a slit, like this second one, for warmer weather.



I hope these 2023 fashion trends and styles inspired you for the new year! I love trying new trends because you never know when you’ll fall in love with one. Let me know your favorite new trend in the comments.

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