How To Make Bubble Tea At Home – A Detailed Guide With Instructions

Are there any fellow bubble tea lovers out there? Hello from a milk bubble tea obsessed friend. ๐Ÿ‘‹ I think it’s safe to say if you found your way to this post, you’re likely a fan of bubble tea. Bubble tea has become my latest obsession but I can’t afford to constantly pay $7 per drink. Anyone with me?? So I experimented and found a way to make a similar version at home, and it’s actually pretty good!

I’ve found the ingredients for you and put together this detailed guide on how to make bubble tea at home on your own. If you see pink text, that means it is a clickable link and will take you to another page or site. I do have affiliate links in this post from which I may earn a very small commission if you make a purchase. It is completely free to you and does not cost a penny extra. I appreciate you for supporting me and shopping through my links.

You will see the name of a bubble tea place on my cup, but this post is not sponsored by them. I simply kept the cup to make my own bubble tea. Without further adiu, let’s get to making some bubble tea!

make bubble tea at home

Here is what you will need:

Once you have all of the above items it’s time to get started on making the bubble tea. Continue reading for detailed instructions on how to make bubble tea at home. Please note that these instructions are specific to the tapioca pearls and drink mix that I have purchased. If you purchase another brand of pearls or mix the instructions may be different. Make sure to read the specific instructions on the items you have. Click here to purchase these specific bubble tea ingredients.

For this post, I made a mango tea that resembles a mango milk tea! If you do not like mango, there are other flavored mixes to choose from. The powder also comes in flavors such as taro, coconut, strawberry and thai tea.


I understand that each person will not have the same size cup when making this bubble tea. As a result I have created these instructions for both large (20oz) and small (12-16 oz) sizes. The first measurement is for the large cups and the second is for smaller cups. For example, if you are making a large tea as seen in the photo above, you should follow the first measurements provided. And once again, these instructions are specific to these exact tapioca pearls and drink mix. Please read all instructions on any other brand of ingredients as they may be different.


1. Measure out 5 cups / 2 1/2 cups of water for the tapioca pearls. It is 5 cups of water per each 1/2 cup of boba

2. Place the medium pot on the stove and pour the water into the pot. Turn the stove heat to high and wait for it to boil

3. Once the water is boiling measure 1/2 cup / 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls and pour them into the boiling water

4. Wait for the pearls to float to the top. Then put the lid on the pot, reduce heat to medium, and cook for 2-3 minutes

5. Drain the tapioca pearls. Put them into a bowl of cold water for 2-3 minutes, then drain again and set aside

6. Measure out 15 oz/ 10 oz of water for your tea. Do not pour into your bubble te cup yet. Heat up the water in the microwave in a separate microwave-safe container. I used my glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat for at least 2 minutes / 1 minute to warm the water. โญย It is very important to heat up the water or else your drink powder will not mix and will be frothy and chunky โญ

7. Measure out 9 tsp / 6 tsp of drink mix powder and pour into the warm water. Stir until completely dissolved

Now it’s time to put all the ingredients together!

8. Fill your empty cup with ice about 1/5 full. The more ice you add, the more watered down your drink may become, and the more drink powder you may need to use

9. Pour the tapioca pearls over the ice

10. Next slowly pour in your warm drink mix

11. Stir the drink with a chopstick or tall spoon and add a wide bubble tea straw

And there you have it! Your very own homemade bubble tea!

I have included a quick video here below for additional guidance. This video was originally posted on my Instagram account as a reel. Click here to see the original post and share with your friends!


If you tried this yourself, I would love to know what you thought! Do you have any recommendations I should add? Let me know in the comments! And I would love to know your favorite bubble tea flavor. Mine is definitely a mango or strawberry matcha milk tea with tapioca pearls.
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