The Growth of Fashion Bloggers and Influencers

As a fashion blogger and influencer, I have experienced the growth of fashion bloggers and influencers myself. I have been in this field for about 3 years now and the growth has been exponential! When I first started out I didn’t know what I was doing. I would share random photos of my shoes in the snow, or a photo of a dress that cropped my face off when posted on Instagram. Thank the Lord things have changed drastically since then!

These are some of the major changes I have seen over time as a blogger/influencer:

1. Photo content has improved

Taking photos (well… having photos taken of myself) has taught me a lot over the years. Before I started blogging, I did freelance modeling, so I have had ample time in front of the camera. Influencing and blogging is different than modeling though. As a blogger or influencer, people want to see real life, everyday poses and outfits. Instead of seeing a Vogue pose in an extravagant dress, people want to see you how you would be on a normal day. They want to know that you are like them and that the items you are sharing are attainable for them and fit into their lifestyle too!

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A few important things to keep in mind when taking photos are lighting, frame and location or background. Always try to take your photos somewhere that has good lighting (is not dark or dim) and does not have harsh shadows. Dim lighting and harsh shadows can diminish the quality of the photo and make editing difficult. You also want to pay attention to the frame of the photo. If you’re taking a photo of yourself to share on Instagram, it’s important to leave space above your head. Why? When you post a typical photo on Instagram, the original photo is taller than the Instagram crop size. You don’t want to post a photo that shows your head half-way cut off when seen in your feed! Leaving extra room above your head prevents your photos from cropping your head in your feed. And lastly, be selective with your background or setting. If there is too much going on in the background (if it’s too “busy”) then the attention will be taken away from you, or what you are showcasing. Try to keep the background as simple as possible. There are exceptions however, for example, if you are a travel blogger and want to show off the location you are at.

2. A wider variety of people are becoming influencers

As influencer marketing becomes more and more successful, a lot of people are trying to get on board. When many people think of an “influencer” they think of a fashion blogger. But an influencer is not limited to someone who shares outfits. By definition, an influencer is someone who influences others to take action. For example, if an interior designer shared the perfect throw pillow and people bought it, she would be an influencer. The world of blogging and influencing is open to anyone! Coooks or chefs, interior designers, real estate, health and wellness, fitness, or fashion designers likeย House of Want with Olga Ferrera.

House of Want Designer

3. Influencer Marketing is becoming the largest form of advertising by brands

Have you ever seen someone on Instagram advertising a product they use? This is influencer marketing, and it is becoming the biggest form of advertising by major brands! Brands are realizing the connections influencers and bloggers have and their power to influence their audience with what they share. As a result, the growth of fashion bloggers and influencers is increasing every day, as well as other influencing niches. More brands and companies are choosing to work with influencers. 2020 was a major year for influencers and I suspect 2021 will be even bigger!

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Influencing and blogging can be time consuming, difficult and stressful at times, but in my experience it is totally worth it to be able to do something you enjoy. There are so many successful bloggers and influencers today such as fashion and sports influencer Kelly Calhoun. If fashion and sports are your thing, check out her page to learn about how she became successful as an influencer. And if you’re thinking about starting as a blogger or influencer, now is the time! The first step is simply to start and the rest will come.


Thank you reading this quick post on the growth of fashion bloggers and influencers! I hope you found this helpful and informative. Are you an influencer or blogger yourself? I’d love to connect! Leave a comment below. J M R signature

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