LTK Day 2020 Guide

This is a guide to everything you need to know for LTK Day 2020 on July 19th. In this LTK Day 2020 guide you will find information on what is, how to use the app, how to participate in the sale, and tons of finds from participating retailers for you to shop.

What is ( is a completely free social media shopping app. You can use it to search for specific products and follow your favorite bloggers to see what they’re sharing. Influencers and bloggers use to link products that they share in their posts for people to purchase. posts can be shopped by viewing them in the app, or by going to the specific “” link provided in the post caption.

white eyelet ruffle dress on
In this photo I linked a bunch of white dresses, these gem sandals, and a few similar purses

Many posts will have the symbol in the bottom left corner of the image like in this image. It can be either black or white. This little symbol lets the viewer know that they can shop items from that post on the app or through the special link. You are also able to screenshot images with the symbol to save them in the app (must be enabled within the app). You can easily shop my looks by visiting my Shop My Instagram page.

Influencers who use the app receive a very small commission on items that are purchased through their links. The commission typically ranges from 5-12% per item. So on a $30 dress from Target, the influencer would earn $1.68 in commission for leading the buyer to that item. While it seems like a small amount, it is very important to the influencer – all the small amounts add up to a reasonable amount over time. For some bloggers and influencers, this is a main source of income for them. That is why it is so important to shop through their profile or link so they receive credit for the item(s). Trust me, the blogger or influencer will greatly appreciate you helping them out if you were inspired by an item from their post!

How Do I use is super easy to use! I created this walk-through guide video for you that explains how to use the app:

What is LTK Day and How Do I Participate?

LTK Day is a special one day only sale that happens exclusively through the app. It’s a great time to get deals on some of your favorite brands! This year it will be happening on Sunday July 19th, 2020. Participating retailers offer special discounts that are only available if you shop through the app. The discounts from these retailers are given exclusively through the app and are not available outside of These are the participating retailers for LTK Day 2020 and their special discounts they are offering to users.

LTK Day participating retailers and discounts

My favorite retailers this year are Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Tarte, and Victoria Emerson. I went through and saved my favorite items from each of these retailers to save you time on the 19th so you can do more shopping than searching! I’ve shared all my favorites below including tie dye, loungewear, summer-to-fall transition pieces, dresses, skirts, shoes, accessories, makeup/cosmetics, and skincare. (whew!)

How do I participate?

Influencers have been provided with these helpful photos that explain the steps to participate. It’s super easy! Just download the app, create an account, and shop through the app on July 19th. Posts with participating LTK Day items will be marked with a special red “LTK Day” banner on the upper right side to indicate they are part of the sale. Click on a participating LTK Day post and scroll to the bottom to find the products you can purchase. Click on the item and click “Shop Now” to be taken to the item to make your purchase!

ย  ย how to shop in the app

Shop The LTK Day Sale

I searched through over 100 pages to find you the best pieces from the sale. I’m sharing my favorites here below by category so you can easily find what you’re looking for, or get inspired. Each photo is linked to the post with those items, so you can click on the photos to be redirected to my profile to shop. ENJOY YOUR SHOPPING!

LTK Day 2020 tie dye


LTK Day 2020 Loungewear


LTK Day 2020 summer to fall transition


LTK Day 2020 Dresses


LTK Day 2020 skirts


LTK Day 2020 shoes


LTK Day 2020 accessories


LTK Day 2020 Makeup and Skincare


I hope this guide was helpful and informative! Be sure to check my profile throughout the day to see new posts! I will be posting finds throughout the day on the 19th.
I would love to see what pieces you grabbed from the sale! Send me a message on Instagram at @justjstylinlife J M R signature

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