Things To Do At Home During Coronavirus

So much is changing all over the world today and it’s all happening so quickly. The scare and panic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking the world by storm. We’re at the point now where a large majority of the population is working from home, or getting time off from school and classes. Everyone is encouraged (and possibly soon required) to practice social distancing – avoiding contact with others as much as possible. But with all this extra time at home, what is there to do? There’s only so much you can do before you get bored right? Or maybe you’re ALREADY bored. I totally understand. That’s why I put together this list of things to do at home during Coronavirus to keep the boredom away.

  • Shop online from bloggers or small businesses – Support your fellow social media friends by purchasing through their links. This may be the most crucial time to do so.
  • Pin on Pinterest – Now that you have more time, why not build up your Pinterest account? Pinterest is like a combination of Google Search and Instagram. It’s a visual search engine. So why wouldn’t you want to grow your presence there?

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  • Listen to a Podcast – There are endless options I wouldn’t even know where to begin.
  • Read a book – I suggest the “You Are A Badass” series by Jen Sincero.
  • Take an online course – Now is the BEST time to dive into one of those online courses you’ve been looking at. I suggest courses from Gwen Lane, Jenna Kutcher, and Jana Williams.
  • Go through emails – Now is the perfect time to catch up on those 329 emails in your inbox. Or at least make a dent.
  • Say prayers – Possibly the most essential thing to do right now is to pray. Pray for safety and health for everyone and for control over this pandemic. Always remember… GOD IS IN CONTROL.
  • Stay positive and encourage others – Through these tough times, we must stay positive. There’s always something good to come of everything.
  • Read a devotional – Difficult times are when God seems nearest to most. Get a small daily devotional to grow in your relationship with him through these hard times.
    • You can get 5 copies of Our Daily Bread devotionals for a small donation, and share with family/friends
  • Look through magazines – Looking through magazines has always been a favorite thing to do for me. I’ve been a fan of magazines for nearly 15 years. YES! That long.
  • Put together outfits – Why not prepare cute outfits now so you’ll have them ready to shoot later?
  • Go through and clean out your closet – While you’re putting together outfits, pull out the items you don’t wear anymore and donate them to a homeless shelter or other charitable cause.

clean out your closet

  • Start a new show – I’m the kind of person who loves reality shows, so I really enjoyed Love Is Blind. The other new Netflix show I’m loving is 100 Humans. It’s so interesting and insightful!
  • Clean (dust, wipe down, vacuum) the apartment/house – Because why not? It’s a great feeling being in a clean space.
  • Interact online and build connections – Use your additional time to interact with people online and build stronger connections and friendships!
  • Read blog posts – Take this time to go through and read up on your friends’ blog posts! Here’s a simple one to get started.
  • Do a home workout – While gyms are closed, you can still exercise at home! Plenty of people are sharing ideas for in-home workouts. I really like @corynbrown_fit’s videos.
  • Play a video game – Yes, I enjoy playing video games. My favorite is Fallout 4. Old, I know. But still fun.
  • Color – You know that huge craze from a few years ago that helps you relax.

Color to relieve stress

  • Rearrange your room – A new look can refresh your mind and bring you comfort.
  • Journal about your days/feelings – Write down what you do in these days at home, and how you’re feeling. You can look back on it in a few years and remember how you experienced this major historical event.
  • Get a daily question book – I love answering a question a day so I can look back on it in the future and remember my life from the past. It’s kind of nostalgic, but also inspiring.
  • Thank someone who’s essential right now – Say thank you to someone who’s on the front-line AND in the background. Let our essential people who are working MORE now know how much they are appreciated.
    • Don’t forget uncommonly thought of people like the mailman, trash service people, and delivery drivers.
  • Play music and dance – Nearly every weekend I would play upbeat music through my speakers and dance my heart out. Now that’s going to be like every day. Plus this is also a great way to get some exercise!
  • Submit taxes – Because they’re due in less than a month.

Most of all, make sure to wash your hands and if you must go out, be sure to sanitize often. Please be safe. I wish the best for all of you.J M R signature

Much love,



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