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Summer’s right around the corner which means swimsuits, beach bods, wavy hair, and pops of color are going to be EVERYWHERE! In a (digital) sea of striped bikinis, crop tops with shorts, and #bodygoals make yourself stand out from the crowd with a bright white smile! What’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone or look at a photo? Their features! Eyes, hair, face, SMILE. So what better way to catch someone’s attention than with your gorgeous smile. Imagine all the compliments you’ll receive and the confidence boost you’ll gain. Who WOULDN’T want that?! Right??

“But teeth whitening is SO expensive” you say. Sure, it definitely can be! Going in for dentist visits costing you up to $500 is just too much! I wouldn’t want to spend more money to take time out of my day and go out of my way when I could be at home getting stuff done. Anyone with me?


Nowadays we all live busy lives – a million things to do an no time to do them all (unless you’re a super mega expert planner, which I am not). “I don’t have time” has become the number one excuse. And sometimes you literally do not have the time. But the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit is an AFFORDABLE way to whiten at home while doing your normal nightly tasks, or while relaxing and watching your favorite shows. Simply pop in the trays and relax – it’s doing the work for you.

So what exactly is Smile Brilliant?

Smile Brilliant is an at-home teeth whitening system that uses custom-made trays with gel treatments to whiten your teeth more effectively. Your trays are custom made to fit your teeth for the most efficient coverage which produces greater results. And yes, it DOES work!  Other forms of whitening may not cover the entire surface area of your teeth, or they may leave them super sensitive with no relief. With Smile Brilliant, you get the best of both worlds – better whitening and sensitivity relief with a stain protection bonus (continue reading).

Here are pro and con comparisons of other types of whitening:

Compared to whitening with trays:

(Images from Smile Brilliant PDF. I do not own these)

Something else I love about the Smile Brilliant whitening kit is how great it is for keeping your teeth white and preventing staining. With the Desensitizing gel you can drink dark drinks like coffee, tea, or soda and not have to worry as much about re-staining your teeth. It’s great to know you can get your caffeine fix each day without worrying about ruining the whitening process. The desensitizing gel is also excellent for anyone with sensitive teeth! If your teeth are sensitive, the desensitizing gel is perfect for reducing and minimizing the sensitivity you feel. Smile Brilliant is the perfect at-home whitening system with sensitivity relief and coffee stain removal and prevention for any level of discoloration or sensitivity.

Had my tea during the day and whitened at work at night

How It Works

When you first receive your whitening kit in the mail, it will come with either 3, 6, or 9 whitening gels and desensitizing gels, an upper and lower tray, and paste for making your impressions. The very first step to using your kit is to make your impressions. There will be cards explaining how to do each step with your kit and a permission card for your trays. You’ll want to brush and floss your teeth before making your impressions to make sure you get the most accurate mold of your teeth. After you’ve done this, you’ll take the paste and the catalyst and mix them together until it’s a solid blue color with no streaks. Make sure not to take too long mixing them because the hardening process begins as soon as they’re combined.

Once you’ve successfully mixed the two, make it into a hotdog shape and lay it onto one of the trays and then press the tray onto your teeth. As soon as you have the tray in and pressed up/down, set a timer for 3 minutes to give enough time for the molds to harden. You will likely drool a little while making your impressions, but this is totally normal (or maybe it’s just me. Haha).

After the timer is up, remove your trays and set them aside for 30 minutes as they finish hardening completely. Rinse them with water, let them dry, and then send them out to be made into trays! It’s very important that you include the card filled out, or they will not send your trays. If your impressions don’t work out the first time, do not freak out. They will send you new molding materials to re-do them. I had to do mine three different times and they sent me a special tray because my mouth is shaped a bit differently and my back teeth wouldn’t fit into the mold.

I’ve made a video of the impressions process below (ignore how bad I look. I wasn’t focused on looking cute).


Once you receive your trays in the mail, you’re ready to start whitening! They should come in a plastic protection case and they will be a soft bendable material. This makes it easy to clean them and wipe them out in-between and after your whitening process. And the case for your trays has little holes to allow air through, so your trays can dry overnight. To get started you will need one tube of whitening gel, one tube of desensitizing gel, your trays, and an optional washcloth for wiping out your trays.

Make sure to start your whitening process an hour and a half before you go to bed. You’ll need at least 45 minutes for whitening, 20 minutes for desensitizing, and a few minutes for cleaning, filling, and changing your trays. To get started, twist the cap off the whitening gel and apply a thin layer along the front side of your tray. Do the same for the top and bottom trays, and pop them in to start the process. DO NOT THROW THE CAP AWAY!!! That tiny piece will seal your gel tubes. The kit says one tube of whitening gel should last you 2-3 whitening sessions, but mine lasted me at least 4 with the amount of gel I used. Leave the whitening trays in for 45 minutes or more.

After you’re done with your 45+ minutes of whitening, take out the trays, clean them, and set them aside. This is when you’re going to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. I would not use a mouthwash/rinse though. I tried it once and it did not feel right. When you’ve finished brushing and flossing, dry off your trays and apply a thin layer of the desensitizing gel. It’s important for your teeth and trays to be dry so it doesn’t reduce the efficiency of the gel. This is the gel that is going to reduce sensitivity (if you have any) and also prevent future staining. I didn’t have any sensitivity, so I asked if it was necessary to use the gel, and was told that it is very strongly recommended for the stain prevention. Leave the desensitizing gel in for 20 minutes before taking out your trays. Spit out the rest of the gel, but do not rinse after you’re done! The leftover gel will absorb and work to prevent the stains and continue relief from sensitivity.


The whitening was very easy and rarely ever bothersome. The gel has a slightly tangy taste but it’s definitely tolerable and not disgusting. I only had one issue. My teeth are larger/longer than normal and the molds for my front few teeth were not tall enough to properly cover the top of my teeth. The top curve of the tooth didn’t reach the top of my teeth.

I whitened my teeth for a total of 7 days over a period of 10 days, skipping a day here and there in-between. I whitened for 45 minutes each time and desensitized for 20 minutes. The entire process took about an hour and fifteen minutes. It takes about 2 minutes to put the gel in your trays and get them in. After the 45 minutes of whitening, it takes 5-8 minutes to brush, floss, and clean out the trays. Then you have 20 minutes of desensitizing, and another 2-3 minutes to clean out and dry off the trays.

B/A Whitening 7 days for 45 minutes

Whiten while watching your favorite shows every night or relaxing before bed for an even longer whitening time. You can even whiten while at work of you work a late or night shift! I would imagine that the longer you whiten for, the faster and greater results you will see. However I do not know the validity of this because I did not try this for myself. But if you see these results within 7 days of whitening, imagine the kind of results you’d see after a MONTH!

So are you ready to start removing those coffee stains and getting that sparkling white smile you’ve always wanted? Smile Brilliant has three super affordable options to fit whatever level of whitening you need. There is a non-sensitive and a sensitive option when selecting your kit. Instead of spending between $600-$850 at the dentist, pay only a fraction of that price AND whiten at home or on the go! Here is a chart showing the different kit options and prices.

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Ready to purchase? Click the banner at the bottom to shop Smile Brilliant Whitening Kits

If $150 still feels like too much, do not worry. I totally understand $150 is a lot of money to spend on one thing! I mean I normally don’t spend more than $50 on any one item! BUT… to that I will say this. If it’s something you truly want, you will make room for it. You will save for it. When I have an event, a purchase, or a vacation I want to save for, I take an envelope and add a few dollars to it every day (after accounting for gas, groceries and necessities of course). And sooner than you know, you’ll have enough saved up to get what you want!

So… Who wants a Brilliant white smile?! 

*Raises hand*

You’re in luck because I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give ONE lucky viewer a $149 Smile Brilliant credit!* That means you could a completely FREE kit! Or apply the credit to the larger kits and spend only $30 AT MOST!!!

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