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It was supposed to be a Sunday Funday this week – introducing a friend to Passion City Church, and then going to the first ever Atlanta blogger closet sale in Alpharetta, meeting some of the top bloggers from the Atlanta area! I had everything planned out – I had my hair curled, nails done, and outfits laid out the night before. But come morning time, the moment I woke up things started going differently. My friend bailed from church last minute, and I ended up getting to church late not even being able to sit with my other friend. So already off to a not-so-great start. But after church was the blogger closet sale!

I had found out about the blogger closet sale over a week beforehand and had anxiously awaited the day I would get to meet so many wonderful, successful, like-minded people like me. It was going to be a major networking event!

I usually do better in social settings if I’m with a friend, or know someone there. But I went in alone and was so awkward and uncomfortable. So I decided to wait for one of my blogger friends to show up and I’d go in with her. But it turned out she wasn’t going to make it there until 2 hours later. So my only choices were to leave and go home regretting not meeting people, or suck up my insecurities and be brave, go back in, and just talk to people. Luckily I chose the second option. And I’m SO glad I did.

Snapping pics at the Softea stand

When I went back into the event, I was nervous to the point of nearly shaking. I didn’t know what to say or who to talk to – but I told myself that I’d be ok. If I didn’t go back to talk to anyone, why did I even come in the first place. If I left without going back, I would regret it for who knows how long. Luckily I chatted with the ladies of Softea before I went back in and that boosted my mood and gave me confidence going in. This was my chance and I wasn’t going to miss it.

Inside the Blogger Closet Sale

The opportunity to meet local bloggers and shop their closets sounded like a freakin’ genius idea to me. Whoever came up with this idea and put this together was awesome! I wanted to know how to become a part of such a wonderful event in the future. So I spoke with one of the ladies selling at the event and asked who set up the event, and she informed me that someone’s connections with Hotel Avalon led to them graciously allowing the use of the space to host the event.

As you walk into the Hotel Avalon lobby, you’re greeted by a feeling of luxury and style. The kind of place that makes you feel like a million bucks. And then you walk down the hall to the ballrooms and conference area which are just as stunning and luxurious. At the end of the hall is a round open space, likely used for socializing and small events. This is where the blogger sale was being held.

Hotel Avalon Lobby

As you arrive at the entrance to the sale, there’s greenery walls lined up to form an entryway, with the adorable new Softea pop-up bar outside. As you enter the closet sale, you see an array of clothing racks, accessory tables, and a multitude of happy ladies (some familiar, some new). You could tell the event was bumpin’ because you could hear voices halfway down the hall. Whether you came to hang out with friends, make new friends, or simply to shop stylish ladies’ closets, you were in the right place.

Each blogger had their own section with their racks of clothes and table, pretty much running their own mini business, and giving unwanted clothes a new home. Instagram handles were creatively displayed on each table to easily identify who the blogger was, and to encourage networking. Items were individually priced by the blogger, and pretty much all reasonably-priced. Toward the end of the event some ladies were lowering their prices and even offering 50% off!

Prices ranged anywhere from $3 for a basic tee, to $50 for a brand new swimsuit/bikini. But the average price was between $10 and $20 per item, depending on the condition of the piece. Some ladies had brand new pieces with price tags still attached, marked at less than half the retail price. I purchased a brand new top, tags attached, that retailed for $56 for only $18 (pics below)!

Meeting the Bloggers

If you asked me what my favorite part about the blogger sale was, I would definitely say meeting and talking to other blogger ladies. I had been talking to Ayla (@aylaelizabeth) on Instagram for awhile and actually noticed the blogger sale announcement on her stories (image at top). SO I asked her if anybody could go, to which she replied yes! She even said she was excited to see me. I was ecstatic!!

I started looking up the other ladies who were a part of the event so I’d know who else would be there to meet as well. So many amazing ladies were going to be there and this was my chance to meet them.

Ayla (left) and Savannah (right)

The most exciting part of my day was meeting Ayla and Savannah (@savannahdelane). I was simply expecting to greet Ayla and introduce myself, have a brief chat, and then move on. But instead I said “Hey. Ayla right?” and she instantly lit up when she saw me and came to give me a hug. I was surprised she recognized me before I introduced myself! Right away we started connecting with each other and having a full-on conversation. I never knew that she and I had so much in common and shared the same feeling about a bunch of things. When I told her my friend couldn’t make it she applauded me for being brave and coming by myself, and encouraged me to stay positive. If you want to know some of the sweetest, most beautiful ladies, you need to meet Ayla and Savannah.

I also got to meet Stephanie (@urban.blonde) and Sally (@mssallyng) and interact with so many wonderful people.

Shopping The Sale

The only negative thing about the event was fitting rooms. The bathrooms were all the way at the other end of the hall, and some of the ladies probably didn’t want their stuff being taken outside of the event area. Luckily, the pieces I wanted to try on were Ayla’s, and she knew who I was. So I was able to take them to the bathroom and try them on.

The $56 top I got for $18!

This one was also a brand new boutique top!

I also go a cute oversized lace-up sweater for only $5 from Stephanie! I could’ve spent so much more money there and gotten so many more cute pieces. But I was on a budget and already have a box full of my own clothes to sell. Exactly why I need to be a part of this special event next time it happens ๐Ÿ˜‰

Softea.atl Pop-Up

Right outside the blogger closet sale was the adorable Softea pop-up stand. They’re known (or becoming known) for their yummy, natural, insta photo worthy mixed teas. One of their most popular drinks is the strawberry matcha green tea which I had been eyeing for awhile. But I ended up going with the pink drink (strawberry puree, milk, hibiscus tea) to play it safe since I’ve not really had matcha much. The next time they have a pop-up event I’m definitely trying it though.


I must say… their “pink drink” could definitely compete with Starbucks. It tastes fresh, fruity, and delicious of course. And the ladies at the stand were so friendly and helpful. And they have plenty of options to choose from to satisfy everyone’s taste. If you’re in the area next time they show up, they’re for sure a must-try!

Thanks Softea for the pretty and tasty strawberry hibiscus milk tea to take with me on my (wet) travel home. <3

Speaking of which…

When I left the hotel, it was pouring outside. I’m talking the get drenched walking to your car kind of rain. And even with an umbrella my feet and jeans still got completely soaked walking to my car.

  1. But being able to attend this first ever Atlanta blogger closet sale, meeting amazing ladies, making connections, and drinking a delicious tea made it worth it. I can’t wait for the next blogger closet sale!
Watch this video to experience the event:

Did you attend the Blogger Closet Sale event? If so, what was YOUR experience?

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