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Mother’s Day has passed, you’ve gotten mom the perfect gift, and now you have a bridal shower or birthday event to go to. Or maybe you’ve been on that hustle for so long you deserve to treat yourself *wink*. Adulting is hard!! Amiright?! You’re constantly on the struggle bus hunting for the perfect gift for you or your ladies, but can’t ever seem to find the right one. Have no fear, for perfume is here! Whomever you’re celebrating, share a little (or a lot) of love with these three incredible fragrances. Here are three of my favorite perfumes out now that you or your besties are sure to love (and a couple bonus scents if these don’t entice you)!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle

This fragrance is my current obsession! I am like “RASPBERRY EVERYTHING!!” So it’s no wonder I’m dying over this fragrance. This scent is the perfect blend of fruity and floral — with a top note of raspberry and middle notes of violet and rose. It finishes off with a cream de cassis (black currant) note to pull it all together.

“Vibrant and unexpected, Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle radiates with its effervescent blend of succulent, fruity and delicate floral notes. Sparkling raspberry intertwines with violet flower and wild rose blossoms at the heart, creating a blissful aroma. Creme de cassis rounds out the base for a sensual finish.” – Macy’s

As a toilette, Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle has a light scent that appears strong at first, but after about 10 minutes you won’t even know you put it on. I’m the kind of person who likes to smell my perfume throughout the day, so with this scent, I keep a little sample bottle with me to refresh the scent as needed (you can find an empty sample tube/bottle at Dillard’s). And if the scent isn’t enough to love, it has one of the cutest perfume toppers known to the perfume world! This is definitely one you’ll want to display on your dresser!

You can find Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle at your local department store such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Dillard’s. But this is a LIMITED EDITION fragrance, so make sure to grab it before it’s gone!


Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

This was my first ever perfume obsession. This fragrance is definitely one to leave a lasting impression and be remembered. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (“the pink one”) is a fruity floral scent with a touch of musk for the earthier lady.  The main notes of grapefruit and jasmine intermix with a low note of musk to bring this scent down to earth.

“At once delicate and radiant, the unexpected fruity floral fragrance sweeps you into a soft whirlwind of happiness and fantasy. A green and fruity Grapefruit-Quince accord intertwines with the softness of Jasmine and the smoothness of White Musks for an intoxicatingly light, floral trail.” – Chanel

This fragrance is also considered a toilette, but it has a much stronger and lasting scent. Once spray on each wrist and a spritz on your blouse and you’re set for the day! You don’t want to go overboard with the sprays on this one — too many sprays and you may be coughing perfume. And no need to keep a little refresher bottle with you. You’ll get whiffs of your perfume throughout the day, and other people will be complimenting you all day.

This lovely fragrance can be found once again at your local department stores, or in Chanel boutiques or supported retailers.

Dior J’Adore

I distinctly remember my first experience with J’adore perfume. I had a friend in College & Career Sunday morning group who always smelled SO good and left a lasting scent impression in your nose. Of course I had to ask her what perfume she was wearing. And… you guessed it! It was J’Adore. I discreetly admired her vibrant, intoxicating scent every Sunday until one day, a few years later, I caved in and bought it for myself. J’adore is the quintessential high class, luxury-feel fragrance you’ve been searching for (or newly discovered here)!

“Essence of ylang-ylang from the Comoros unfurls its fruity-floral notes and instills a soft, exotic touch. Damascus rose, sophisticated and exuberant, then comes to warm the senses. Last but not least, the duo of jasmines echo one another in a perfect embrace. ” – Nordstrom

With exotic ylang ylang as your first impression, a heart note of rose, and a base of jasmine, J’adore whisks you away to a beautiful garden of aromatic blooms. Embrace the vibe of spring and summer with this enticing floral scent that will have you wishing summer would never end. Two sprays is all it takes to last you all day. One on the wrist and one on your clothing. Dab your wrists together, but don’t rub them! Rubbing your wrists together dulls the top notes and makes the scent fade faster.

J’Adore can be found at most department stores and high end retailers.


Additional (equally amazing) options

1. Escada Fiesta Carioca – This is about as vibrantly fruity as you’ll find! Fiesta Carioca is a scent sure to have you reminiscing of summer long after it’s over.

2. Versace Crystal Noir – This fragrance is absolutely the most different scent on this list. Crystal Noir almost has a sweet root beer vibe to it at first, but settles in to a warm and inviting sweet scent.

3. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy – If you’re looking for a sexy, sultry, inviting fragrance, you’ve found it. Very Sexy is a darker, musky scent with fruity accents to give you the best of both worlds.

Now that you’ve discovered my favorite fragrances, what are your favorites?! Are there some amazing scents I need to discover? Let me know in the comments below!

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